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Andy's Sister - An Upcoming Pop-Punk-Band From Europe

Andy's Sister is an upcoming, European pop-punk band that'll rock your next party! How did the band emerge? Where do they go and what about with that name? Find out more in our interview with the young band from southern Germany.

Corduene: How did your Band emerge? Moreover, who is Andy’s sister?

AS: Andy’s sister is actually real. Who exactly she is will remain a secret, however. 😉 After Loris’ and Tim’s band “We Against All“ had been dissolved in 2012, we were looking for new colleagues for a new project. At first, Andy had not had time for that, but at some point at the end of 2014, he had contacted Loris and asked him whether the interest was still interest in it. We immediately wrote a song and recorded it. The first real rehearse as a band took place in March 2015 and the first gig followed in May 2015.

Corduene: You ultimately stand for the pop-punk-ethos – outfits, fast music and cheeky jokes on stage – reminds of the early times of Blink182. Which bands influence you the most and who would you like most to tour with?

AS: We gave up on costumes, in the meantime, but our unicorn still plays a role. We would like most to play the Vans Warped Tour, no matter with whom. However, if we could choose, we would take blink182, Sum41, Neck Deep, State Champs, and many more.

Corduene: What’s your opinion on the local music scene? Is it difficult to establish oneself as a small band?

AS: Nowadays, live music in the form of bands is not very modern anymore. Everyone listens to techno and other forms of purely instrumental music. As an unknown band, it is always hard at the beginning, and it will always be. In case you are not from a metropolitan city, it takes a long time to make a name for oneself, especially in the trans-regional sense. We succeeded to play in Munich this year, and we will, in the spring time in 2017, also come to Hamburg and again to Munich.

Corduene: You participated in multiple band contests. In what sense did this influence you as a band?

AS: Contests are an absolute must at the beginning. You get gigs, an audience, get around - it's always worth it. Maybe you even win something and get to play even more gigs. This was the case with us, and we never regretted it, so that we highly recommend this to other newcomer bands. In addition to that, you support the concerts and youth centers, which are necessary for our culture to survive.

Corduene: Which significance does the beautiful unicorn in your band branding have? Has it anything to do with your drummer’s horse mask? 😉

AS: Because of the mask, we had the idea with the unicorn. Tim had spontaneously purchased this mask by eBay-auction, for a price of 1€, and then brought it to the rehearsal. That’s what got the ball rolling. (laughs)

Corduene: Are you planning to record material in the studio? And, if so, is there a rough date for that?

AS: Haha! We planned something, and we will announce these news this December. What? How? Where? When? It will remain a secret for now. Everybody who reads this should best come to our concert at the Cotton Club in Kaiserslautern, on December 9th. Maybe there, you will find out the news - 2017 will be a special year for us; that’s for sure!

Corduene: Thank you, guys!

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