Catwalk models with Peleg's collection. ©Danit Peleg

3D-Printers Soon to Replace the Wardrobe?

Too short, too small or just uncomfortable?! Fashion lovers are always looking for something special like a unique piece of accessory or clothing. There are so many online shops already, which try to satisfy their customers’ wishes as good as possible, but many things have to be corrected afterwards. But all that could soon be part of the past. The Israeli designer Danit Peleg may have found the solution for every single fashion victim out there. 3D-printers are to revolutionize the world of fashion. Vogue at the push of a button.

Models wearing Peleg's collection at the Shenkar Fashion Show 2015 in Israel.

Every potential customer could be able to simply download their clothes and print them out, using their very own 3D-printer. “Other designers only experimented with 3D-techniques. I wanted to create a whole collection, using only my 3D-printer at home”, Danit Peleg says in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The young designer had had some trouble with the technique, in the beginning, due to the stiffness of the first models. She experimented with a lot of different materials and found out that plastic is completely unsuitable for this kind of production. So, Peleg now works with Filaflex. Filaflex is a softer and more flexible material, which perfectly fits the purpose of her collection, containing reticular looking clothes and fancy quillings. Even the models who presented Peleg’s fashion line stated that the flexibility of the materials was very comfortable and even seemed suitable for daily use.

In the fashion world, much of the success depends on the fabrication. In the past, many clothing store chains lost their sympathy in society, for outsourcing their production to third world countries, so that the products could be sold cheaper and cheaper in Europe and the West in general. But in the era of Fair Trade, the customer’s awareness of where and how their products were made rises continuously. Therefore, people are okay with spending more money for what they get, as long as the fabrication is organized fair. Other than that, individuality is one of the most important things nowadays. The quote “Clothes make people” from Gottfried Keller is always going to stay up to date, for nothing is so signifying for someone’s first impression, like the clothes.

Watch how the Israeli fashion designer produced her first 3D-printed collection

Most of the people identify themselves with their clothing and want to optically illustrate their character better that way. It’s been a long time since one wore clothes to keep oneself warm. Nowadays, it’s a statement. Everybody wants to have something special. Something nobody ever had before or something that just mirrors your personality and who you are. The alternative, which Peleg offers to her customers, definitely is unique and has never been there before.

People can download the sample and print it out – at least theoretically. In fact, this technology is too expensive for the average consumer. But Peleg is confident that through the distribution of 3D-printers, her idea can be affordable for everyone, some day. Soon, the 3D-printer may take the place of a huge wardrobe in many houses.

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