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Netflix, Amazon or MUBI? Which One's the best?

More and more young students move away from gray, semi-legal video directories and streaming sites to legit video-on-demand services, which seem quite promising for their part; 4K resolution, accurate dubbing, and original programs are supposed to attract new customers. But which service is the best? Here’s our review of the underdog MUBI and the two top dogs Netflix and Amazon Prime.

With nearly 65 Million subscribers worldwide. Netflix is the unchallenged frontrunner of streaming services. It’s competitor Amazon, with more than 40 million subscribers, leads in popularity in European countries like Germany and Austria.
Although MUBI has only 7 million subscribers, the service is excellent in its own niche. For the underdog, it’s more about selected quality films than about the mere quantity of movies. If that’s always the better choice is actually a matter of opinion.

Netflix’ and Amazon’s strengths are clearly in their own original productions. Series like Netflix’ House of Cards or Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle are just two of the top dogs’ highly rated original productions. Amazon’s Sneaky Pete, for example, is eagerly awaited for later this year.
Also, the wide range of both services seems to convince many. However, exclusive titles so far are rare in both services. But, according to the companies, that will change in the coming years, with many new titles becoming available before TV premieres.

An asset of Netflix and Amazon is that both services offer many of movies and series in ultra HD resolution. Now you can finally use that new 4k TV, Tablet, or PC, which you have got for Christmas. In contrast to that, MUBI only offers resolutions up to full-HD, which, however, is still very beautiful and sharp.

Regarding dubs and subtitles, all three services are well placed. Most movies are available in the original language, which is mostly English, and in addition to that, most of the newly published films and series have accurate subtitles in German, French and other preferred languages.

One of Amazon's big advantages is the ability to use the service simultaneously on different devices. For the same service, you have to pay some extra bugs on Netflix. With MUBI, you can only watch one film at a time. In addition, Amazon and Netflix offer own apps on almost all popular devices, from your smart-TV and consoles at home to your tablets and smartphones on the road. It’s quite similar with MUBI, except for the Xbox.

In terms of pricing, Amazon is the only one offering a very strong student discount, which ranges between 39₤ or 49$ per year. In contrast, Netflix wants you to pay around 120$ for its standard plan, which does not include 4K-Streaming or additional devices. Niche VOD service MUBI charges 23₤ or 35$ from its subscribers.

Although all three services have their pros and cons, we can highly recommend Amazon’s Prime Video to you, especially if you are a student. In addition to the nice selection of movies and series, the really entertaining original productions and the very good pricing, Amazon gives you Prime Music with over one million songs, on the top. All that without extra costs.

However, if you really want to see those great original productions by Netflix or you just want a small selection of high-quality movies with MUBI, you should give them a try.

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