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European Public Demands Extended Support for Kurds

Paris, France – After Friday's deadly Attacks in the French capital Paris, many Europeans demand resolute actions against the so-called Islamic State and an extended military support for Kurdish forces. French President Hollande has ordered the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle to the Persian Gulf and promised a ruthless war against those responsible for the attacks.

“This is horrible!” says Janine Dupont, a French citizen living in Marseille. The 41-year-old baker thinks that France should do more in the fight against international Terrorism in order to prevent future attacks. She says: “I really think we have to help those fighting Daesh (ISIL). I think the Kurds are reliable partners and we should provide them with more support. What happened in Paris is happening in Kurdistan on a daily basis.”

During a soccer game between France's national football team and the German representative team two explosions were heard, but at that time it was not clear were the noise was coming from. As the game went on, many spectators checked news apps on their phones and recognized the terrorist danger, which created panic amongst the fans. At the end of the match thousands ran on the playground to get away from any possible target in the stadium.

The terrorist attacks occurred at least at seven different places in the French megacity. More than a 100 people were held as hostages in the first hours of the attack and nearly 130 have been killed by gun fire and bomb detonations. French police acted immediately and attacked the terrorists in a theater in which they held the hostages, but during the rescue operation dozens of the hostages got killed.

In the Czech Republic's capital Prague Helen Cerna, a student of politology, says: “The Union has to react with a strong message now! What’s the Europe Union worth, if it can't secure its own citizens on its own territory? We have to help the Kurds, who are fighting so bravely for all of us! Especially Eastern Europe's governments, who are still relying on Russian gas and oil, should consider to send more equipment to Kurdistan. Helping the Kurds would stop terrorism, the huge refugee influx and maybe break the Kremlin's oil and gas monopoly in Europe.”

Kurdish musician Halo Aras, who lives in Italian Rome, says: “This is a clear message to Europe. ISIS wants to come to the heart of the West. We have to stop them at the Kurdish borders, otherwise they will invade Europe. Not with a strong army, but with suicide bombers and terrorist attacks on European soil. Europe has to raise its military support for Kurdistan.”

A few hours before the attacks the German soccer team got a message, which said that there will be a bomb attack against them later that day. Standard precautionary measures were taken, but nothing more was done, because such messages are quite common and in the past most of them were fakes. Not in Paris unfortunately.

Jean Liege, a teacher from Luxemburg, says: “I know our country is small and we have not that much military power, but hell we have to help the Kurds. We have political and financial power and our government must support them in order to restore security in Europe. I don't understand how we can have deals with Iran or with the Sultan of Istanbul (Erdogan) but at the same time let the Kurds down like we do right now. Helping the Kurds means helping Europe!”

As part of the Anti-ISIL coalition in the Middle East, France provides airstrikes against the Jihadists in Kurdistan, Syria and Iraq. Speaking in front of the theater, in which the hostages were killed, French President Hollande said: “We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless. Because when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities they must be certain that they are facing a determined France, a united France, a France that is together and does not let itself be moved, even if today we express infinite sorrow.”

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